Ten for No. 10: Brandon Scherff

EARTH CITY, Mo. -- With a tip of the cap to Oakland Raiders reporter Bill Williamson for the idea and the fact that I'll be heading out for a little vacation this week, today we kick off our series of 10 for No. 10, a look at 10 players who could be in the mix for the St. Louis Rams with the 10th overall selection in the upcoming NFL draft.

For the purposes of this exercise, it's a little more difficult to peg who will be available and who won't, but out of the 10 we evaluate here, there's a good chance that some will be on the board when the Rams pick. Based on early returns, we're going to eliminate Florida State quarterback Jameis Winston, USC defensive lineman Leonard Williams and Florida defensive end Dante Fowler Jr. from the conversation. Those three, above all else, seem all but certain to be gone when the Rams pick.

Brandon Scherff, OL, Iowa

Why the Rams should consider him: The Rams have obvious needs on the offensive line and Scherff is generally regarded as the best player in the draft at the position. He played tackle for the Hawkeyes but many think he's got Pro Bowl potential as a guard. The Rams need help at both spots, so Scherff would offer the versatility that they often seek in offensive linemen. From a scheme standpoint, Scherff also makes plenty of sense. The Rams want to be a power running team, and Scherff is an excellent run blocker with the ability to open holes on a consistent basis. His ability to play through injury and toughness also figure to be appealing from a personality standpoint to the Rams' coaching staff.

Why they shouldn't: There's an emerging school of thought that Scherff is not only better suited at guard but probably not anything more than an average tackle in the NFL. That means drafting Scherff at No. 10 would mean selecting a guard in the top 10 when there could be better players at positions of less pressing need available. Teams have taken guards in the top 10 in recent seasons, but those picks haven't panned out so far with the likes of Arizona's Jonathan Cooper offering a recent (injury-prone) example. Scherff needs polish in pass protection and though the Rams wouldn't lean on him to shut down top pass-rushers right away, they might not be able to afford to have another guy who would need help in protection on the line immediately. Scherff has proved tough by playing through injury, but he's also had a knack for those injuries. He had knee, leg and ankle injuries at Iowa.

Chances he's available at No. 10 There seem to be plenty of options available on the offensive line in this draft but maybe not one prospect that's definitely worthy of being a top-10 pick. Still, the need for offensive linemen around the league remains great. Most teams in front of the Rams have greater needs than the offensive line but the New York Giants at No. 9, among others, could pull the trigger on Scherff before the Rams come on the clock.