St. Louis Rams coach Jeff Fisher 'fine with' changes to extra point

After three seasons in the NFL, Greg Zuerlein has only missed one extra point in 95 attempts. Mark J. Rebilas/USA TODAY Sports

EARTH CITY, Mo. -- At the NFL scouting combine in February, St. Louis Rams coach Jeff Fisher expressed some concerns about the proposed changes to the extra point and the two-point conversion.

Namely, Fisher didn't like the possibility of a game coming down to a 35-yard extra point in cold and windy conditions in, say, Green Bay versus another team kicking one in the controlled climate of a dome in, say, Atlanta. He also wasn't too fond of the idea of moving two-point conversions closer to the end zone.

Now that the league has officially changed the rules for 2015 with extra point kicks moving back to a line of scrimmage of the 15-yard line with two-point conversions staying at the 2-yard line, Fisher has apparently come around to the idea a little bit.

“I’m glad it ended up the way it did," Fisher said. "I was opposed to the two-point play, moving it to the 1.5-yard line. It was talked about even to the 1-yard line. I’m glad we kept the two-point attempt on the 2. I’m fine with -- and I understand the rationale and the reason behind it, to put a little bit more emphasis on the extra point because of the percentages."

As for the extra point, Fisher said his original thought on the conditions of the kick was more how opponents of it viewed it than his own thoughts.

"The concern -- not in my opinion, but both schools of thought -- one school of thought is, someone’s going to be put in the position to kick an extra point in the fourth quarter in December in the AFC or NFC North with 40 mph wind, and somebody else is going to be kicking from inside," Fisher said. "So, competitively it all works out. But, it’s going to make it a much more exciting play. I think we’re going to see more two-point attempts."

Teams will also find themselves having to make tougher decisions, not only as to whether to go for two or kick the extra point. For example, a team attempting a two-point conversion that is called for a holding penalty will now have to decide whether to go for two from the 12 after the penalty or revert to the extra point with the kick moving from the 15 to the 25 before kicking it.

“Yes, you can have either option," Fisher said. "The penalty enforced will be from either spot either the 2 or the 15, if you’re on the 2. Then, the other thing that we’ll be dealing with is say the opposing team scored, the communication process to us as to whether they’re going to put the ball on the 2 or put it on the 15. To give us a chance for substitutions or match-ups."

Regardless of circumstance, Fisher is certain that a game will come down to the decisions made after a touchdown.

"It’s going to be a significant change," Fisher said. "At some point during the season, it will be a critical point.”