Rams confident Nick Foles will be fine under center

EARTH CITY, Mo. -- Before new St. Louis Rams quarterback Nick Foles can worry about actually running the plays in a new offense far different from the one he ran with the Philadelphia Eagles, he must first get reacclimated to one of the most basic jobs of an NFL quarterback: taking snaps under center.

Considering the proliferation of spread offenses with signal callers spending most of their time in the shotgun around the game, it's been a while since Foles has operated from under center.

In two seasons as the Eagles starter, Foles lined up in the shotgun on 645 dropbacks and was under center for 42 snaps in 21 games. As a team, the Eagles had their quarterbacks drop back out of shotgun formation 1,188 times, the most in the league and clear of second-place San Diego by 38 snaps.

On the other hand, the Rams have had 756 dropbacks out of the shotgun over the past two seasons, which is second-fewest in the league. Only San Francisco has spent less time dropping back out of the shotgun formation.

Back in the spring, Foles addressed the change and said he didn't believe it would be an issue.

"It’s been a little while but I enjoy it," Foles said. "You can do a lot of things. Being under center and in the gun, you have to be able to do both in the NFL. There’s different situations that you need both. I enjoy doing it."

So far in this camp, Foles hasn't had any noticeable issues with returning to the line of scrimmage before the snap. There have been a few footballs on the ground in team drills but none of those have been Foles' responsibility.

Which is why Rams coach Jeff Fisher is confident that Foles won't have any problems moving forward.

“There were not a lot of under-center snaps [for Foles]," Fisher said. "We’re getting much better at it now. We haven’t had any problems in a couple of days. We had one in walk-thru today, but it wasn’t Nick. It was just a communication thing, so those are things that you can’t afford to take for granted. You can’t have the ball on the ground. Nick is conscientious about it and so are the guys, and for the most part, the ball placement has been outstanding as far as all three of the guys."