Rams spending day at Mugu Naval Base

Despite a strong showing from the Los Angeles Rams fans who traveled to Oxnard, California, to see the St. Louis Rams practice (and fight) Monday and Tuesday, the Rams made the decision to cancel Wednesday's solo practice in Oxnard.

Rams coach Jeff Fisher said the decision was made on the basis of the fatigue his team has showed after spending almost the entire past week in California.

“We had originally planned on coming back out here [today]," Fisher said. "The Cowboys had a day off and we were going to use the facility. We’ve decided against that. We’ve got a tired team. We’re going to emphasize recovery."

But before the Rams board yet another plane and travel back to St. Louis, they will do something that they've done in every camp since Fisher has been the team's head coach, though with a little twist this time. The Rams have closed many of their recent training camps by going to Scott Air Force Base in Illinois for a walk-through with the airmen and airwomen there.

Since the Rams don't have an "official" close of camp this year, they'll spend about an hour Wednesday visiting Point Mugu Naval Base on Wednesday before heading back to St. Louis.

"We’re going to go over to Point Mugu Naval Base and visit with the soldiers and get out a little bit early so we can get out and get some rest," Fisher said. "And go back on the practice field in St. Louis on Thursday and prepare to get ready for the Titans.”

Although the Rams are aware they're leaving some Los Angeles-area fans disappointed by canceling Wednesday's practice, Linebacker James Laurinaitis is excited about the chance to meet with some military. Fisher has also made it an annual tradition to invite local soldiers to Rams Park for practice on or near Veteran's Day.

"It's awesome," Laurinaitis said. "To be able to be with the military, any time we do it, when we do it back in St. Louis, it's one of my favorite things at the end of camp when we go over there. To be there and to sign autographs for our troops, I mean, it just puts life in perspective. We're out here playing a game that we love and they're the ones that are defending our country, so I wish that it was kind of flipped around and we could be getting their autographs in a way to kind of really salute them."