Rams legends Rosey Grier, Eric Dickerson meet with current line, backs

Spending a couple of days in the Los Angeles area not only created the chance for fans left from the team's days on the west coast to catch up with their favorite franchise, but it also offered former players, including some who hold a strong place in St. Louis Rams' lore the chance to reconnect with the team that once employed them.

Since coach Jeff Fisher's arrival, the Rams have made strides in connecting their past to their present. Kyle Eversgerd, the team's director of external football affairs, has worked diligently to find opportunities to bring former Los Angeles Rams back into the fold and provide opportunities for the current players to meet and talk with former players.

With this year's Rams practicing with the Dallas Cowboys in Oxnard, California, over the past two days, the defensive linemen and running backs each spent time with a special guest. Eric Dickerson visited with the running backs and Rosey Grier chatted with the defensive linemen.

Dickerson, who has recently been outspoken about the team returning to Los Angeles, visited with the team during Tuesday's walk-through and even took a handoff during the session.

Grier, 83, is the final living member of that quartet, maintaining his home in the Los Angeles area. He arrived at practice and spent a few minutes talking to the group many consider to be the most talented in the NFL. Of course, no matter how much talent the current line has, it would have to go a long way to reach the level of Grier and his three running mates in the "Fearsome Foursome."

Rams defensive end Chris Long, who is the team's longest-tenured player entering his eighth year with the team, has had the chance to meet many franchise greats in his time in St. Louis but said it never gets old.

"Yeah, I've met him before," Long said. "You know, he just had a really good message for us. You know, cherish the time. He really enjoyed his time with the Fearsome Foursome, and him being the last one left is pretty special to get to meet a guy like that who's a big part of our history."