St. Louis ranks 10th in Uni Watch's "Best-dressed" cities

EARTH CITY, Mo. -- Paul Lukas is our resident uniform expert, maintaining detailed information on uniforms in all of the major professional sports. He annually ranks all of the uniforms by sport and offers up the list to be debated and argued over.

On Wednesday, Lukas' "Uni Watch" went a step further, ranking the "best-dressed" cities in all of North American professional sports. Boston came in at No. 1 with a lot of love for the Bruins and Celtics.

A bit further down the list, St. Louis checked in at No. 10. Lukas graded each team on a scale of one to 10, added a few variables of his choosing and averaged the numbers to compile his rankings.

For St. Louis, Lukas has long been a fan of the baseball Cardinals uniforms. He gave them a perfect 10, proclaiming them the best duds in baseball. For the Rams, he wasn't quite so complimentary. While he called the Rams' helmets the best in football, he gave the uniforms as a whole a grade of 4.5, which pulled down the city's grade considerably.

Making matters worse, he also deducted two points for the Edward Jones Dome.

Many, present company included, would argue that the Rams' uniform ranking would get a significant boost by going back to their roots. Their yellow and blue uniforms they wear for throwbacks are always a hit and would be a big step forward. But the old blue and whites going back even further would be a home run that might put the Rams in the top three or so in the league in terms of fashion.

Of course, we can all agree that the Edward Jones Dome is not much more than an eyesore and an upgrade on that front, whether in St. Louis or Los Angeles, and a permanent throwback uniform option would put the Rams in much better standing when it comes to these completely subjective rankings.


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