With Nick Foles in the fold, four Rams who should be next to sign

Janoris Jenkins, the Rams' top cornerback, should be in line to receive a contract extension sooner rather than later. Jeff Roberson/AP

EARTH CITY, Mo. -- The St. Louis Rams took care of a major piece of business in the first week of training camp when they signed quarterback Nick Foles to a two-year contract extension.

But the off-field business doesn't end there for a team that still has 16 players scheduled to become unrestricted free agents after the season. With Foles under contract, the NFLPA lists the Rams as having a little more than $4.6 million in salary-cap space for this season. Considering the team will still need to sign a practice squad and leave some wiggle room for injuries, that's not a lot of room to work with if they are to attempt to get some new deals paid down a bit up front.

Regardless, they'll have plenty of space after the season but are still well-positioned to get some contracts done sooner than later. That's important for them given that they not only have so many decisions to make but also could have a busy offseason with possible relocation also on the horizon.

For now, here's a quick look at some players the team should and will likely prioritize to be next to get extensions:

CB Janoris Jenkins -- The Rams have already engaged Jenkins' representatives in contract talks and though nothing appears imminent, that doesn't mean something can't come together relatively quickly. Jenkins is the Rams' top cornerback and though he's had some mental miscues, he's also been a dynamic playmaker in his three seasons with the team. More important, he's managed to avoid trouble off the field. He likely won't come cheap but he's also not in the Richard Sherman or Darrelle Revis stratosphere either. Jenkins is probably a top-20 NFL cornerback, which means something in the $6-8 million a year range seems about right.

TE Cory Harkey -- Although he doesn't post eye-popping numbers or score a lot of touchdowns, Harkey is one of the team's core players and leaders. His versatility allows him to play in-line as a blocker or even as a lead blocker from a fullback position. Because Harkey doesn't have big numbers statistically, he shouldn't break the bank. That means the Rams could probably get something done with him quickly should they choose to. Finding comparable tight ends for Harkey is difficult since not many play the same role, but something close to $2-3 million annually probably makes sense.

S Rodney McLeod -- The Rams thought enough of McLeod to tender him at the second-round level as a restricted free agent this year and his growth as a starting safety has been one of the team's better development projects in recent years. McLeod's one-year deal pays him $2.356 million this year, and something with a little raise into the $3-4 million per year range would seem like a reasonable deal.

DT Michael Brockers -- Technically, the Rams don't have to rush to sign Brockers after exercising the fifth-year option on his deal over the summer. To be clear, Brockers' fifth year is the 2016 season so the team has him under control through then. But if Brockers plays on that option, he would make $6.146 million that year. It stands to reason his annual salary on a new contract would probably put him in that range but maybe not quite to that level. So the Rams might choose to get something done before then to ensure their nose tackle's long-term future in St. Louis.