Rams Johnny Hekker earns Punter of the Week honors

EARTH CITY, Mo. -- There weren't many positives for the St. Louis Rams in their 24-10 loss to the Washington Redskins, but there was at least one that (understandably) didn't get much recognition.

Each week during the season, ESPN's Mark Simon chooses a punter of the week. This year, he's also added a kicker of the week to the mix. Rams punter Johnny Hekker is no stranger to the award as he's been one of the best punters in the league since his arrival. For his efforts on Sunday, Hekker was named punter of the week for his performance against the Redskins.

Hekker punted eight times for 381 yards, an average kick of 47.6 yards. More impressive, Hekker's hang time and directional work allowed his coverage team to get down the field and stop Washington returner Jamison Crowder from doing anything as Hekker had a net average of 46.1 yards. Hekker's net average was sixth-best in the NFL this week, and he dropped half of his eight attempts inside Washington's 20.

The highlight of Hekker's day came on an odd sequence in which he had to punt three times in a row because of penalties. Hekker somehow managed to make each punt better than the one before, culminating with a 53-yard rocket that angled deep down the sideline to go out of bounds for no return.

In his day-after-game news conference, Rams coach Jeff Fisher had a long list of things his team must improve, but special teams wasn't one of them thanks in large part to Hekker's efforts.

"I think special teams gave us a winning effort, although we didn’t have any really big plays," Fisher said. "It was just field position and tackling and things like that, but they were very efficient."