Johnny Hekker 'pokes a bear' with hit on Seattle's Cliff Avril

EARTH CITY, Mo. -- St. Louis Rams punter Johnny Hekker has earned a reputation for being one of the league's best at his position.

But after Sunday's 23-17 win against the Seattle Seahawks, that reputation might start changing for different reasons. After an early punt, Hekker was casually jogging downfield when he suddenly decided to shove Seahawks defensive lineman Cliff Avril from behind.

Avril tumbled to the ground and officials penalized Hekker 15 yards for a personal foul, the first of Hekker's career. On Hekker's next punt, Avril and fellow defensive end Michael Bennett sought revenge.

After Hekker got the kick away, Avril ran after him as Hekker flinched. Bennett followed suit and Hekker dropped to the ground to protect himself. The video of Hekker shoving Avril and subsequently avoiding the two Seahawks almost instantly went viral.

Hekker told the Seattle Times after the game that it was a "stupid play" and that "you don't poke a bear."

As video of Hekker cowering away from contact made the rounds Monday, it became clear that Hekker has actually poked his share of bears, or in this case, Ravens and Saints.

Another video of Hekker hitting a Saints player from behind in 2013 emerged.

And then the Baltimore Ravens official Twitter account got involved, tweeting to Avril that he wasn't alone.