Chris Long plays Powerball, ends up on Charlottesville television

EARTH CITY, Mo. -- Never one to miss a chance to have a little fun, Rams defensive end Chris Long donned a hat, sunglasses and some camouflage to go with his fully developed mustache during a visit to a Charlottesville, Virginia, convenience store on Wednesday.

With the nation gripped in a Powerball frenzy as the prize rose to nearly $1.6 billion, many local news outlets have been conducting person-on-the-street interviews with those buying tickets.

Long apparently went unrecognized by a reporter for NBC 29 in Charlottesville and was asked the standard question of what he would do if he won the grand prize.

"I already told my old lady if we win we're going down to Myrtle Beach for about 10 months and we're going to get a timeshare and the whole nine yards," Long said on the broadcast. "Maybe a big boat, a couple boats, you know, a lot of boats. And we're going to have a great time."

According to Long's Twitter feed, someone at the station must have recognized him before the segment aired because the on-screen graphics showed his real name even though he said the name he gave the reporter was Rod Carriker, "so Chris Long may be a typo." Long was more than happy to share the evidence of his newfound celebrity status and offer further endorsement of the video's investment strategy.

Long, of course, was only joking about the 10-month vacation -- he actually recently returned from a postseason vacation to the Virgin Islands -- and the rest of his big plans. But he pulled off the prank with a straight face and didn't miss a chance to revel in the success of his big media appearance.