Joking GoFundMe page offers to help William Hayes during free agency

EARTH CITY, Mo. -- Los Angeles Rams defensive end William Hayes is set to become an unrestricted free agent when the new league year begins on March 9. After another solid season in 2015, Hayes should draw no shortage of interest, but that's not keeping him (or someone on his behalf) from taking a proactive (and humorous) step to ensure that he can still earn an income.

Over the weekend, now former Rams end Chris Long and current Rams end Robert Quinn took to Twitter on Hayes' behalf to send out a link to a GoFundMe page which solicits donations for "hard times during unemployment."

Hayes' fundraising goal was set at $500,000 and as of Sunday afternoon had raised $25 via four donations. The description on the page explains what Hayes plans to do with the money.

"I'm looking for work during the off season. I promise to protect and serve, end zone to end zone, every Sunday. With the money I raise it will go towards new research to help save mermaids and more importantly show that dinosaurs never walked on this earth!"

For those who might have forgot, Hayes openly discussed his "belief" that dinosaurs never existed and that mermaids are real during the 2015 season.

On a more serious note, after the Rams released Long on Friday, the need to keep Hayes with the team has only increased. The expectation is that Hayes, who has said he prefers to play for coach Jeff Fisher multiple times in the past, will re-sign though there's still work to be done to make it happen.

If and when Hayes signs with the Rams (or another team), he should have no problem taking the next step in mermaid and dinosaur research.