Where Rams can look for help at wide receiver without many picks

The NFL draft is almost here and the Los Angeles Rams have already made a splash, moving up to the No. 1 overall pick. We're less than a week away, which means you have plenty of questions on the topic.

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On to your questions.

@nwagoner: Considering that the Rams will pick first overall and then not again until the fourth round, it's not out of the question that they at least touch base with a veteran receiver. The problem is, none of the available options -- save for Anquan Boldin -- look all that appealing. One thing the Rams usually don't do is sign veterans just for the sake of getting a guy with experience. They prefer to let their young players play and hope that they get better by being out there. Essentially, they traditionally only want to sign a veteran if they believe he's an improvement over what they have. For example, the Rams kicked the tires on wideout Rueben Randle during free agency but opted not to sign him because they just didn't see him as a fit. But your point is still well made: Obviously the Rams need help at receiver, and if they find someone who could offer more than what they currently have, it's worth looking into. I think they'll draft a receiver or maybe two on the third day and hope to get some kind of production out of him.

One other quick thought here: The Rams should be on the lookout for possibilities that might come available in a trade during the draft. There's no guarantee that such an opportunity will present itself, but we've seen it happen.

@nwagoner: Let's go with the natural progression and follow up the first question with this one. From talking to people there, it's clear they know they need to have some success with their two fourth-round and two sixth-round picks as well as in undrafted free agency. They have needs beyond quarterback at No. 1 overall and need to find a way to fill them. I think the bulk of that capital should and will be put toward offense, namely receiver, tight end and offensive line. The only issue, of course, is that when you pick so much later in the draft, many of the pieces that can help the team at those positions could be gone. So there's really no way to definitively determine which way the Rams will go without seeing what happens on day two. Rest assured, they'll be paying close attention.