Jared Goff's teammates celebrate wildly as Rams take him No. 1

LOS ANGELES -- As they discussed new quarterback Jared Goff in the hour or so after they used the No. 1 overall pick on him, Los Angeles Rams coach Jeff Fisher and general manager Les Snead repeatedly pointed to Goff's ability to fit in with the team as a reason they made the move from No. 15 to No. 1 to land him.

"It’s a big deal for this franchise to be in a position to where we can have our pick of a franchise quarterback and look forward to years to come with a player that is not only talented, but is a great person, he’s a competitor, he’s a leader, he’s all those things," Fisher said. "He walks in the locker room and he fits in."

Of course, any coach that just did what Fisher did to land Goff is going to offer similar platitudes about the new face of the franchise. But in this case, some video proof of Goff's ability to connect to teammates surfaced late Thursday on social media.

Christie Smith, of NBC in the Bay Area, posted a 30-second video to Twitter on Thursday night showing the reaction of Goff's former teammates at the University of California to the announcement of Goff going No. 1 to the Rams.

As you can see, Goff's college teammates clearly think highly of him and exploded as soon as NFL commissioner Roger Goodell said his name. That doesn't guarantee on-field success for Goff when he arrives in Los Angeles, but should bode well for his chances to fit into a locker room in need of some offensive leadership.