Aside from Jared Goff, which Rams pick is most intriguing?

Pharoh Cooper is one of the rookie pass-catcher who could make an immediate impact for the Rams, perhaps out of the slot. Sam Greenwood/Getty Images

LOS ANGELES -- The NFL draft is over. Free agency is over. We are now in the clear with nothing really big planned until, you know, football actually begins. For the Los Angeles Rams, it's a chance to finally come up for air after one of the most eventful offseason for any franchise in league history.

Still, there are plenty of questions facing this team as we trudge toward the summer and the wait for training camp to start. That's what we're here for in the weekly Twitter mailbag. As always, you can find me on Twitter @nwagoner and shoot me questions at any time using #Ramsmail.

Let's get to your questions:

@nwagoner: Honestly, I just want to see if any of the four pass-catchers they added on the draft's final day can come in and help the offense right away. There's talent in that quartet, and Pharoh Cooper is the guy that looks the most ready to contribute from the slot immediately. I'm curious to see how the Rams integrate him because his film from South Carolina bears some resemblance to Tavon Austin in how the Gamecocks used him. He's an exciting player and a former quarterback who even threw the ball a few times in college. While the Rams will have to figure out ways to use him in conjunction with Austin, the fact that they added another versatile piece who can do damage in different ways is a good thing, as it will force the Rams to get creative. Beyond that, sixth-round wideout Michael Thomas is also intriguing. The Rams seemed to be really excited about landing him, particularly when they did, and the fact that he's a true outside receiver bodes well. It sounds as though his route running needs work, but he has some big-play ability. If they got a steal in either or both of those players, it would be huge for Jared Goff and the offense as a whole moving forward.

@nwagoner: It's a good question, and the answer seems to be that they don't have much choice but to be content with what they have at center. Of course, the Rams re-signed Tim Barnes and gave him a little better deal than he got last season, which was a vote of confidence for him. They also have Demetrius Rhaney returning and I've heard rumblings of Cody Wichmann perhaps getting some opportunities in the middle to increase his versatility. The Rams could still add some competition through rookie free agency, but it looks like it's Barnes' job for the time being.

@nwagoner: Free safety is probably the position I was most surprised didn't get addressed during the draft, particularly after the Rams got an extra pick in the trade down with Chicago. They do still have interest in Donte Whitner and are waiting for his price to drop to a more comfortable level before finishing a deal with him. They believe he could play free safety if needed, though that hasn't really been his playing style in his career or at least not is not where he's been at his best. They have Maurice Alexander, Cody Davis, Christian Bryant and even Lamarcus Joyner on the roster, who could all figure into the mix. I get the impression they want to take a look at Alexander at the position even though Davis and Bryant are more natural free safeties. Defensive coordinator Gregg Williams is creative enough to possibly make that work but I'd think they'll play less single-high safety if that's a route they choose to go.