Rams must be wary of beef on upcoming international trips

LOS ANGELES -- Warnings about things such as drinking water in foreign countries have long been common knowledge for travelers coming from the United States. But the NFL joined the fray this week when its drug-testing program's independent administrator sent out a league-wide memo warning teams and players about eating beef in Mexico and China.

According to the memo, meat in both places has been found to potentially contain clenbuterol, which is banned under the league's performance-enhancing substance policy. It goes on to warn that "consuming large quantities of meat while visiting those particular countries may result in a positive test."

While NFL players are constantly taking vacations around the world, including to Mexico and China, they also are going to find themselves playing games in both locations in the near future. The Houston Texans are set to play the Oakland Raiders in Mexico City this season on Monday Night Football.

For the Los Angeles Rams, it's certainly worth taking the proper precautions. The Rams are considered likely to play in China in 2018 and could be a candidate to play in Mexico City in 2017 as they are set to play in an international game in each of the next three seasons. If and when those games happen, it's a safe bet that their nutrition team will be taking the proper precautions to ensure that Rams playing in those games won't miss others as a result of those trips.


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