Eye on the draft: Weekly Redskins watch

ST. LOUIS -- The St. Louis Rams' stunning win against the New Orleans Saints on Sunday would have provided more than enough enjoyment for one Sunday afternoon for the Rams' faithful.

But Sunday was a better day for Rams fans than even the Edward Jones Dome scoreboard would reflect when all was said and done. That's because the Washington Redskins lost to the Atlanta Falcons earlier in the day, keeping them in position to hand over the No. 2 pick to the Rams in the 2014 NFL draft.

The Falcons' 27-26 win came with plenty of drama as Redskins coach Mike Shanahan opted to go for a game-winning two-point conversion after his team pulled within one in the closing moments. When Kirk Cousins' pass fell incomplete, Atlanta ran out the clock and gave a victory for the Rams. Call it an early Christmas gift from Shanahan to his old friend and Rams coach Jeff Fisher.

Atlanta's victory was also something of a double whammy of good news for the Rams. Not only did it give Washington another loss, leaving the Redskins as the only remaining three-win team in the league but it elevated Atlanta from three wins to four, thus increasing the chances that Washington's pick will stay at No. 2.

That prospect also increased with the help of the Minnesota Vikings after they upset Philadelphia to also move out of the group with three wins.

From here, the Redskins return home to face a desperate Dallas team still trying to make the playoffs before visiting New York to play the Giants in the season finale. Both games could easily be losses but the Redskins seemed to get a bit of a spark from Cousins which could keep them close in those game as well. Two more losses would guarantee the Rams no worse than the second pick.

Should Washington pick up a win, it would complicate things a bit further. The Redskins currently have an easier strength of schedule (the tiebreaker for picks) than four-win teams Atlanta, Tampa Bay and Cleveland but a more difficult slate than four-win teams Oakland and Jacksonville. Games against the Cowboys and Giants should help decrease Washington's strength of schedule in the final two weeks.

On the flip side of the coin, the Rams could still land the No. 1 overall pick from the Redskins. Houston is currently in the No. 1 position at 2-12 with remaining games against Denver and Tennessee. The Texans would need to win one of those games and Washington would need to lose out to make it happen but the Redskins would likely win the tiebreak for easier strength of schedule in that scenario.

Clearly, it's unlikely that Houston would beat the Broncos next week but a season finale against the Titans might be more attainable even though it's on the road. The Texans beat the Titans 30-24 way back in Week 2.

Regardless, the Rams are primed to get a premium pick from Washington, one that will almost certainly be no worse than top five and could still legitimately rise as high as the No. 1 overall pick.