Long, Davis adding to Rams-Niners rivalry

In what is becoming a sort of offseason tradition, St. Louis Rams defensive end Chris Long is again stoking the flames of the Rams-49ers rivalry by responding to a tweet coming from the San Francisco area.

Last year, it was the words of safety Craig Dahl, a former teammate of Long's, that drew a response from the defensive end and cornerback Cortland Finnegan. On Thursday, it was a tweet from San Francisco offensive tackle Anthony Davis.

Under the Twitter handle @AnthonyDavis76, Davis, who plays on the right side and whose primary responsibility is to deal with Long twice a year, began the exchange by tweeting Tuesday that "My rookie year Chris beat me every way you can beat a man. Ask him wassup now tho...…" with a link to an Instagram photo of him blocking Long.

When a fan asked Davis why he didn't make the statement with Long's Twitter handle -- @JOEL9ONE -- attached, Davis responded simply "he already know."

Long apparently didn't already know and opted to respond by lobbing some barbs back in Davis' direction after a disclaimer of "I don't usually talk ill of an opponent on here unless I'm provoked directly... But some guys are just attention starved. U got it boss."

From there, things spiraled into a war of words, some of which aren't appropriate for our family-friendly Rams blog. Here's a sample of some of the exchange.

Of course, the entire exchange, including the ensuing conversations with fans looking to get involved can be found on Twitter.

While the Rams and Niners rivalry doesn't quite meet the level of Niners-Seahawks, the fact that Long and Davis actually battle on every snap should only add more intrigue to games that have consistently been among the most physical in the league the past two years.