Uni watch: St. Louis Rams' throwbacks OK

EARTH CITY, Mo. -- There are few things that St. Louis Rams fans love more than when the team puts on throwback uniforms and offers a little nostalgia for the good, old days.

The Rams are scheduled to do that twice this year, donning blue and yellow throwbacks from the 1999 "Greatest Show on Turf" days for home games against Tennessee on Nov. 3 and Tampa Bay on Dec. 22. Those plans remain intact despite a rule implemented by the NFL that will prevent the Bucs from wearing their old orange, red and white uniforms with the "Bucco Bruce" helmets and could affect the plans of other teams to wear their previously approved throwbacks.

According to a new league policy, players must wear the same, league-approved helmets for all games during the season. The policy came about on the recommendation of the NFL’s Head, Neck and Spine Committee as well as the Player Safety Advisory Panel. In Tampa, the switch to the throwbacks would have meant a change to the helmet that would not abide by the new guidelines.

In St. Louis, the Rams are unaffected by the changes because they don't have to change their helmets. The Rams will wear the same helmets throughout the season and they can simply change the decals on the helmet from week to week. In fact, the team uses new decals on its helmets every week, regardless of whether or not it is wearing throwbacks that week.

So for fans looking forward to seeing the old blue and yellow against two of the teams the Rams beat on the way to the Super Bowl XXXIV title, rest easy, the Rams will still look the part.