Stanford news and notes

PULLMAN, Wash. -- An angry David Shaw raced up and down the sidelines, flailing his arms and boiling over to the point where he almost threw his headset.

The Stanford head coach was ticked. Big time.

Wide receiver Chris Owusu was still on the ground at the Washington State 32-yard line -- and would remain there concussed for several minutes after taking a hard hit from Washington State's Casey Locker. Shaw was looking for a flag -- any flag. But got none.

Replays appeared to show contact to Owusu's head, but it was initially unclear if the contact came from Locker's shoulder pad, forearm or helmet.

"It doesn't matter what he leads with," Shaw explained after the game. "If it's contact on our guy's head, it should be a penalty. We'll see if the film bares that out."

This is the second time this season Shaw has seen one of his key play-makers take a blow to the head without a penalty. Tight end Coby Fleener missed the bulk of the Arizona game after taking a shot to the head in the first quarter.

He called Owusu's injury a mild concussion after the game. The receiver eventually walked off the field under his own power and remained on the sidelines with his helmet off for the remainder of the game.

"With all the fears and all of the things about concussions, which are all legitimate, there's no way he's getting back in the game," Shaw said of Owusu. "A couple of years ago, he probably would have been listed as a mild concussion because he wasn't unconscious. Back in the old days, he would have gone back in the second half. We're not in that era anymore."


Some special, some not

It was a hot-and-cold night for the special teams. The Cardinal capped the game with a 96-yard kickoff return for a touchdown by Ty Montgomery. But prior that, the punt return team looked shaky as they almost turned it over twice -- once when a live ball almost hit Drew Terrell's blockers.

"He's got to be louder," Shaw said of Terrell. "He's got to yell and scream and tell guys to watch out. He's got to make those calls so the guys can get away from the ball. That's the bottom line."

QB switch-a-roo

The Cardinal players said they were ready in the event Jeff Tuel started at quarterback for Washington State, rather than Marshall Lobbestael. And that's exactly what happened. Tuel, the quicker of the two quarterbacks, was able to escape a few potential sacks, but he was still brought down five times by the defense.

"We were preparing for both because we weren't sure who we were going to see," said defensive lineman Ben Gardner. "He was more slippery than we thought he would be. He was trying to get out of the pocket quick. He did a good job evading some sacks we should have had. We were able to get to him and flush him and get some hits, but we should have had four or five more sacks than we did. "

Injury update

Running back Tyler Gaffney left the game after "getting stepped on," according to head coach David Shaw during a special teams play. Shaw said he has a bruise on his side, but expects him to be OK.

"It's an interesting way to get hurt," Shaw said with a laugh.

Notable numbers

Stanford's 14th-straight win is a school record, besting the teams of 1904-05 and 1939-41, which won 13 straight ... Stanford has held its last 12 opponents to under 20 points ... Stanford has won its last nine games by at least 25 points, which matches the BCS era record of Boise State, which had nine straight wins of 25-plus in 2002.

Up next

Stanford's next game against Washington on Oct. 22, will kickoff at 5 p.m. and will be televised on ABC.