Stanford Top 10 moments: No. 10

With one game left to play we're taking a look back at some of the memorable moments/series of moments from Stanford's 2011 season. Some were individual plays, others were a series of plays or games as a whole that were significant to the season.


Setting the scene: It's first-and-10 at the Notre Dame 35-yard line with the Cardinal leading the Irish 28-14 with 19 seconds left in the game. The Cardinal are lining up in victory formation to take a knee and close out the game. Here comes No. 81.

Why it's memorable: A lot of people didn't see it, but wide receiver Chris Owusu got on to the field as the deep safety for the final play of the regular season, just so he could be in on one final play on senior night to close out his collegiate career. Owusu had been sidelined with concussions and had missed the final three and a half games. He's also been ruled out of the Fiesta Bowl.

Say what you want about Owusu's production this season, but he's been a warrior for Stanford despite an injury-plagued career. It was a great gesture by head coach David Shaw and a very classy way to cap Owusu's career.

It probably won't be memorable to us 20 years from now, but Owusu and his teammates will always remember that moment. It's stories like this that make college football great.