Pacquiao thought he won, but numbers show otherwise

Both Floyd Mayweather and Manny Pacquiao thought they won Saturday night’s fight in Las Vegas. But the numbers only backed up one of them.

Mayweather won by unanimous decision and that was validated by a number of Compubox statistics.

• Mayweather landed 34 percent of his punches to Pacquiao’s 19 percent.

• Pacquiao landed only 81 punches in total, his fewest in a 12-round fight within the last seven years. Mayweather landed 81 power punches, as many punches as Pacquiao landed overall.

• Pacquiao landed in double figures in punches in only three of the 12 rounds. Mayweather hit Pacquiao at least 10 times in nine different rounds.

Mayweather used his jab to keep Pacquiao at bay and counter with the right hand. Of his 148 punches landed, 93 landed to the right side of Pacquiao (Mayweather's left hand).

Both fighters were unable to throw a lot of combinations against their opponents. Both Mayweather and Pacquiao threw at least 30 combos less in this fight than their previous 5 fights.

• Pacquiao averaged 7.2 combinations thrown per round against Mayweather. In his previous five fights, Pacquiao averaged 11.8 combinations thrown per round. Pacquiao had 86 combinations thrown tonight, in his previous five fights, he averaged 127 per fight.

Mayweather opened and closed the fight very strong. On the official judges' scorecards, Mayweather won the first three rounds unanimously to build a 30-27 lead on Pacquiao. Mayweather also won the first three rounds in his previous fight against Marcos Maidana and was able to cruise to a decision.

Mayweather was also able to close the fight on the scorecards as well. According to the official judges' scorecards, Mayweather won Rounds 11 and 12 on all three scorecards.

Mayweather had not done that in any of his previous four fights before Saturday night. In total, Mayweather won eight rounds unanimously on the judges' scorecards. Pacquiao won three rounds unanimously (Rounds 4, 6 and 9).