Stanton continues to hit overpowering HR, even as his other numbers show a struggle

Miami Marlins slugger Giancarlo Stanton is the master of the monstrous home run.

Stanton hit the longest home run in Citi Field history on Saturday, a 466-foot shot in the ninth inning against Mets reliever Alex Torres, in the Marlins second straight win in New York.

Stanton actually had the previous Citi Field mark. He hit a 465-foot home run against Mets pitcher Mike Pelfrey in 2010.

Stanton’s 12 home runs of 450 feet or longer since the start of the past season are five more than the team with the next most (the Blue Jays, with seven).

The only other player with more than two in that span is Edwin Encarnacion, with three.

Since his MLB debut, Stanton has hit the longest home run in five different ballparks. Besides Citi Field, he holds the records at Coors Field (494 in 2012), Marlins Park (484 in 2014), Dodger Stadium (467 in 2015) and Sun Life Park (461 in 2011).

How he is homering

Stanton’s second home run came on a pitch on the inside edge of the plate. Eight of his 15 home runs this season have come against pitches on the inner-third or off the inside corner.

But there is one issue

Stanton is hitting only .232 this season. Why?

He is having a lot of trouble with the outside pitch.

Stanton’s rate of contact with outer-half (or off the corner) pitches has increased from previous seasons. He is putting 27 percent of those swings in play, compared to 33 percent or better in each of the past three seasons.

As a result, Stanton has 67 strikeouts in 49 games. He is on pace to strike out 217 times this season, which would shatter his previous career high of 170 in 2014, when he played in 145 games before his season ended when he was hit in the face by a pitch.