The 10 most crucial plays of wild-card weekend

It was a fun, unpredictable wild-card weekend, highlighted by four road playoff teams winning in the same round for the first time in NFL history. Did you miss any of the action? We've got you covered.

Below are 10 of the most crucial plays of wild-card weekend ranked by a statistic called win probability added (see bottom of this post for definition). The plays with the biggest WPA affected the outcome of the games the most.

There will be plays on this list that were made by the losing team, but at the time the plays were made, they swung the momentum considerably.

1. Minnesota Vikings kicker Blair Walsh's missed field goal attempt (minus-.87 WPA)

Minnesota drove 52 yards in 80 seconds to set itself up for a potential winning field goal. Walsh had made his previous three field goals but pulled the 27-yarder to the left to seal the victory for the Seattle Seahawks. According to the Elias Sports Bureau, Walsh's miss was the shortest potential lead-changing field goal attempt missed in the last minute of regulation in a postseason game.

2. Cincinnati Bengals costly penalties on Pittsburgh Steelers' final drive (plus-.49 WPA)

After a pair of not-so-smart Bengals penalties, the Steelers' chance to win rose from 24 percent to 73 percent. The first penalty was a 15-yard unnecessary roughness called on Vontaze Burfict (plus-.31 WPA) and the second 15-yard was an unsportsmanlike conduct called on Adam Jones (plus-.18 WPA). Those penalties put the Steelers in range to kick a winning 35-yard field goal and clinched the Bengals' eighth straight playoff loss.

3. AJ McCarron's 25-yard touchdown pass to A.J. Green (plus-.36 WPA)

With 1:50 left, McCarron completed a deep pass to Green to give Cincinnati a 16-15 lead. That play appeared to shift momentum in the favor the Bengals. After the play they had a 68 percent chance to win and were kicking off to a Ben Roethlisberger-less offense. After this touchdown there were at least four more game-changing plays, including the penalties listed above, before Pittsburgh sealed the victory.

4. Roethlisberger's fourth-down conversion to Antonio Brown (plus-.28 WPA)

The Steelers' season came down to this play. With 28 seconds left and needing four yards, Roethlisberger dropped back and hit Brown over the middle for a 12-yard gain. Pittsburgh's chance to win rose from about 11 percent to 39 percent after the completion.

5. Pittsburgh kicker Chris Boswell's winning 35-yard field goal (plus-.27 WPA)

Generally, winning field goals rank pretty high on a list of the most impactful plays. After a 74-yard drive, this field goal with 14 seconds left solidified the victory for the Steelers.

6. Kam Chancellor's defensive pass interference (plus-.22 WPA)

At the time of this penalty, it was the play of the game. The 19-yard defensive pass interference set up the Vikings at the Seattle 42. Although the Vikings did not win the game, they would have had to work harder to get in position to attempt a winning field goal without this impactful penalty.

7. Teddy Bridgewater's 24-yard completion to Kyle Rudolph (plus-.19 WPA)

The play following the pass interference was a 24-yard completion to Rudolph. This play solidly put the Vikings in field-goal range with 1:26 left and gave them a 79 percent chance to win.

8. Jeremy Hill's fumble with under two minutes remaining (minus-.17 WPA)

The Bengals appeared to have sealed the deal. After picking off Landry Jones, they began this play with a 91 percent chance to win. Then Hill fumbled with 1:23 left, a play that decreased Cincinnati's chance to win by 17 percentage points. The only reason this game-changing play was not more impactful was that Pittsburgh still had to drive the length of the field for a field goal.

9. Brian Hoyer's interception in the red zone (minus-.15 WPA)

With five total turnovers, Hoyer had a day to forget, but his third interception proved to be the most costly. Trailing by 13, the Houston Texans' had the ball three yards from the goal line. Hoyer threw the ball right to Josh Mauga in a play that swung the momentum back in the Kansas City Chiefs' favor.

10. Kirk Cousins' sack and fumble in the second quarter (minus-.15 WPA)

The Green Bay Packers had a lot of impactful drives, but their single-most impactful play was a sack-fumble midway through the second quarter. Green Bay outscored the Washington Redskins 28-7 after this game-changing defensive play.

Win probability added (WPA) measures the change in a team's chance to win from the start of the play to the end of the play. ESPN's win probability model is based on a model built on actual outcomes of NFL games from recent seasons that featured similar circumstances (score, time remaining, field position, down and to go distance).