Cavaliers' 3-point shooting is overwhelming and impressive

The Cleveland Cavaliers made 20 3-pointers in Wednesday’s win over the Detroit Pistons, tying an NBA record for the most such makes in a postseason game.

What else is there to know about the Cavaliers’ impressive 3-point shooting?

Here are three points to know.

It starts with LeBron

One of the reasons the Cavaliers have been able to take so many quality 3-pointers is LeBron James' relentless attacking of the basket.

The Cavaliers trailed by five at the end of the first quarter in Game 2 and James had scored only two points. In the second quarter, he took over, scoring 14 points on 7-of-8 shooting, all in the paint. James finished 9-of-11 in the paint for the game. The rest of the Cavs went 6-of-19 with 12 points in the paint Tuesday.

James has made a habit of attacking the basket early this postseason, attempting only two field goals outside the paint in the first half through two games.

How they did it

The Cavaliers were 14-of-26 on catch-and-shoot 3-pointers in Game 2. They’ve been able to generate a league-best 53 catch-and-shoot 3-point tries so far this postseason.

Fifteen of the Cavaliers’ 20 3-pointers in Game 2 were assisted. They were 15-of-27 (55.6 percent) shooting directly off a pass from 3-point range in the game.

The Cavaliers were 8-of-11 (73 percent) on uncontested 3-pointers. They were still effective even when the 3-pointers were contested, making 12 of 27.

The history

Three other teams made 20 3-pointers in a playoff game -- the 1996 SuperSonics, 2011 Mavericks and 2015 Warriors. The Cavaliers’ 20-of-37 had nothing on the SuperSonics, who made 20-of-27 in a win over the Rockets. Nate McMillan, Hersey Hawkins, Vincent Askew and Frank Brickowski were a combined 12-of-12 in that game.