The best Jake Arrieta stats we know

Arrieta's stats are ludicrous, and Dallas Braden can't even handle it (2:51)

Karl Ravech goes through a list of real Jake Arrieta statistics while Dallas Braden and Tim Kurkjian try to keep a straight face at how insane Arrieta's numbers are. (2:51)

The challenge before us was to come up with the most amazing Jake Arrieta notes we could. With the help of the Cubs' public relations staff and the Elias Sports Bureau, here are some of the best nuggets we’ve uncovered.

• Arrieta has an 0.66 ERA and an 0.69 WHIP since last July 26. He has almost as many no-hitters (two) as he does home runs allowed (three). He has more no-hitters than losses in his last 26 starts. He’s making hard contact more than twice as often as his opponents (15 percent of the time versus 7 percent). He’s accounted for seven runs with his two home runs, three other runs scored and two RBIs that weren’t himself. That’s more than half of the runs he’s allowed in that time.

• Since the start of last season, Arrieta's 15 scoreless starts are four more than any other pitcher.

• Arrieta is the first Cubs pitcher to win his first six starts in a season in 108 years. The last was Mordecai “3-Finger” Brown in 1908, who won his first 11.

• Arrieta’s four shutouts since the start of last season are the same as the Yankees have as a team in that span.

• Arrieta has five starts since the beginning of last August in which he pitched at least six innings without allowing a hard-hit ball, most in the majors.

• Arrieta: has allowed four earned runs in six starts (43 innings pitched) this season. There has already been 162 instances (entering Sunday) of a starter allowing more than four earned runs in an outing.

• Arrieta has an 0.55 ERA since the start of last August (best in the majors); the margin between his ERA and the second-best ERA (Kershaw, 1.73) during that span is larger than the margin between Kershaw and the 11th-best ERA (minimum 10 starts).

• The Cubs are 23-1 in Arrieta's past 24 starts, with the loss coming when they were no-hit by Cole Hamels on July 25 last season. Put another way, since last July 1, the Cubs are 23-0 when providing Arrieta with at least one hit of support.

• Arrieta is the second pitcher to win his first six starts of the season after winning a Cy Young Award. Randy Johnson won seven straight in 2000 and six in a row in 2002.

• The Elias Sports Bureau notes that Arrieta is the first pitcher to allow fewer than five runs and no more than 20 hits, while pitching at least 40 innings in his first six starts, since the mound was moved back to its current location (60 feet, 6 inches from home plate) in 1893.

• There are 108 players with a higher salary than Arrieta's $10.7 million this season. Among those are C.J. Wilson ($20 million), Homer Bailey ($18 million) and Matt Harrison ($13.2 million), none of whom have pitched this season.

• Arrieta has never made an All-Star team. That one looks as if it's likely to come off our list this season.