Julio Urias' best comparisons include Fernando Valenzuela, Clayton Kershaw

Julio Urias won't be watching Friday night. He'll be making his major league debut, against the Mets. Jae C. Hong/AP Photo

The Los Angeles Dodgers have promoted Julio Urias (pronounced oohr-EE-ahs), and he’ll make his major league debut against the New York Mets on Friday night.

Urias, 19, will become the youngest player in the majors. Keith Law said Urias is a pitcher with a "top-of-a-rotation ceiling," so there are plenty of reasons to be excited about his future.

Coming of age

At 19 years and 289 days old, Urias will become the youngest Dodgers left-handed pitcher to make his debut since Sandy Koufax in 1955 (19 years, 176 days). He’ll be the first 19-year-old to debut since Fernando Valenzuela in 1980 (Valenzuela was 30 days older than Urias at the time of his debut).

Urias frequently draws comparisons to Valenzuela, who is the team’s Spanish-language color commentator, because …

- Both are from northern Mexico

- Both are left-handed pitchers

- Both are undersized (Valenzuela is 5-foot-11, Urias is 6-feet)

- Both signed their first professional contract as teenagers

- Both were discovered by Dodgers scout Mike Brito

- Both will have debuted at 19 years old

Another comparison could be Clayton Kershaw (who was 20 when he made his major league debut).

Urias’ minor league numbers are similar to Kershaw’s minor league statistics. Kershaw had a slightly better ERA, but Urias had the better WHIP and strikeout-to-walk ratio.

Also of note

Urias has thrown 27 consecutive scoreless innings (in the minors) entering his major league debut Friday. He has a 1.10 ERA for Oklahoma City in the Pacific Coast League this season. The next-lowest ERA is 1.99, by Diamondbacks prospect Archie Bradley. Urias and Bradley are the only pitchers in the league with an ERA below 2.50. The average ERA for a pitcher in that hitter-friendly league is 4.77. Urias is 8 years younger than the average of all pitchers in the Pacific Coast League.

Bartolo Colon’s major league debut occurred before Urias' first birthday.

Urias’ first MLB start will come against Jacob deGrom, who won National League Rookie of the Year as a 26-year-old. Urias won't turn 26 until 2022.

He’ll become the youngest pitcher to make his major league debut since Felix Hernandez in 2005 (19 years, 118 days).

Urias owns a 1.10 ERA in 41 innings for Triple-A Oklahoma City this season. Urias is 8 years younger than the average of all pitchers in the Pacific Coast League. The average ERA for a pitcher in the hitter-friendly league is 4.77.

Marty Callinan of ESPN Stats & Information contributed to this article.