Tristan Thompson: the real MVP?

Stephen Curry is 5-for-17 with four turnovers when Tristan Thompson is his primary defender this series. David Richard/USA TODAY Sports

Tristan Thompson is averaging 10.5 points and 11.3 rebounds per game on 61 percent shooting in this series. He also has three double-doubles, as well as double-digit rebounds in each of the Cavaliers wins.

So, it can be argued that Tristan Thompson has been just as valuable as any other player in the NBA Finals.

Making his team better

Tristan Thompson has the best plus-minus of any player on both teams. The Cavs have outscored the Warriors by 38 points with him on the court. Leading the Warriors in plus-minus is another unlikely player in Leandro Barbosa at plus-33. The Cavs have outscored the Warriors by 22 with LeBron James on the floor.

When Thompson is playing, the Cavs are especially better on defense. The Warriors are shooting seven percentage points worse from the field and 18 percentage points worse on 3-pointers when Thompson is in the game.

The Cavs have been 27 points per 100 possessions better with Thompson on the court this series -- seven points better on offense and 20 points better on defense. In total, it's a 27.6 net efficiency swing for the Cavs.

Defending Stephen Curry and Klay Thompson

Tristan Thompson has done an incredible job defending Stephen Curry and Klay Thompson on switches this series. Curry is 5-for-17 with four turnovers against him, and Klay is 4-for-12 with three turnovers against him. Tristan has contested 92 percent of Klay's field goal attempts when guarding him, and Curry is 0-for-11 on contested field goals against Tristan.

Harrison Barnes is also 2-for-13 on field goals with five points on 14 plays when defended by Tristan Thompson this series. And it's even more dramatic for Stephen Curry's offensive numbers with Tristan Thompson on and off the court. Curry is scoring twice as much and shooting much better when Tristan is on the bench.

Forcing turnovers

Tristan Thompson has forced 14 turnovers as the primary defender this series. That's the most turnovers forced by any player this series. LeBron James is second, forcing 12 turnovers as a primary defender.