Seahawks' offense sputtering through two games

To say that the Seattle Seahawks' offense has struggled this season would be kind.

The Seahawks have scored one touchdown, committed four turnovers and punted 13 times in 22 drives this season.

Through two games, their 15 points rank as the fourth-fewest through two games in Seahawks history. The last time they scored that few was in 2001, when they totaled 12. That team, under Mike Holmgren, was able to bounce back and go 9-7.

The issues for the Seahawks are a contrast to last season, when they scored 48 points in the first two games (both on the road), but allowed 61. That team started 0-2, but rebounded with consecutive wins, a shutout of the Bears and a 13-10 win over the Lions.

This year's problems are plentiful. For one thing, the running game is struggling. On Sunday, the Seahawks gained only 27 yards before contact on 21 designed rushes, an average of 1.29 yards before contact. In the Russell Wilson era, the Seahawks have averaged nearly twice that –- 2.45 yards before contact on designed runs.

The Seahawks were hit at the line or in the backfield on 13 of their 21 designed rushes on Sunday (62 percent of their runs), their second-highest percentage under Wilson. Thomas Rawls was hit at the line or in the backfield on six of his seven rushes. He had minus-12 yards before contact on his seven rushes. He averaged 3.0 yards before contact per run last season.

The Seahawks are averaging 2.6 yards per rush between the tackles through two games. Last season, they ranked fifth in the NFL, averaging 4.5.

The other issue is that the Seahawks are struggling with teams choosing not to send extra pressure. In both Sunday’s game and last week’s game against the Dolphins, the Seahawks were blitzed infrequently. The Rams sent four or fewer pass rushers on 83 percent of Wilson’s dropbacks. The Dolphins sent four or fewer 77 percent of the time.

The strategy has taken away deep passes from Wilson. His average throw distance has been 2.5 yards shorter this season against four-or-fewer rushers.. Wilson had 14 touchdown passes against blitzes last season, tied for third-most in the NFL. Wilson also has not been able to run as he usually does. He led all quarterbacks in rushing yards outside the tackles last season, but has only 12 through 2 games, all in Week 1.

Then again, the problem could be as simple as “they faced the Rams.” The Rams have four wins against the Seahawks since the start of the 2014 season. No other team has beaten them more than once in the regular season over that same span.