Chiefs are living off their amazing and bizarre wins

Eric Berry did this run twice on Sunday and it was a difference-maker for the Chiefs. AP Photo/Chuck Burton

The Kansas City Chiefs are 9-3, which is incredible considering that they have five road wins in games in which they were underdogs, according to ESPN's Football Power Index.

Collectively, the math shows that the Chiefs should have won two of the five games at the Raiders, Colts, Panthers, Broncos and Falcons. They won all of them. The chances of them doing so were approximately 146-to-1. They won out with a little weirdness along the way.

In Week 10, they were given a 37 percent chance of beating the Panthers. The Chiefs overcame a 17-0 deficit and won when Marcus Peters stripped Panthers receiver Kelvin Benjamin of the ball with 20 seconds left, allowing Cairo Santos to hit a game-winning field goal as time expired.

In Week 12, they were given a 29 percent chance of defeating the Broncos. They tied the game on a touchdown and two-point conversion with 12 seconds left, tied it again in overtime on Santos’ 37-yard field goal and won it in overtime on a Santos field goal that hit the upright, made a sharp turn and went through.

And on Sunday, they had a 33 percent chance of beating the Falcons and won when Eric Berry intercepted a two-point conversion attempt and ran it back for the game-winning two points. Berry also became the first player to have multiple interceptions for touchdowns in 2016.

The Chiefs also scored on a 55-yard run off a fake punt, the first offensive touchdown on a fake punt since the 2008 Jaguars had one against the Texans.

On top of that, the Chiefs have six wins in games in which they trailed by at least a touchdown. That’s the most in the NFL this season. The best of those was a comeback from 27-10 deficit in the fourth quarter in Week 1 against the Chargers.

Who knew that the win would not only get their season off to a good start, but also foreshadow what has arguably been the NFL’s most amazing run in 2016?