Thunder without Russell Westbrook were worse than the Tune Squad

Westbrook proud of Thunder's 'good season' (2:01)

Despite a disappointing end in the playoffs, Russell Westbrook finds positives and shares what he thinks he can improve upon this summer. (2:01)

The story of the Houston Rockets-Oklahoma City Thunder series was as simple as this note from Game 5:

When Russell Westbrook was on the court, the Thunder outscored the Rockets, 90-78. Westbrook was off the court for six minutes and in that time, the Rockets outscored the Thunder, 27-9.

If you took that and extrapolated it over 48 minutes, the resulting score would be 216-72, with a halftime score of 108-36. In the movie Space Jam the Monstars led the Tune Squad at halftime, 66-18 (so the Westbrook-less Thunder fared much worse).

The Thunder played without Westbrook for 45 minutes in the series, roughly the equivalent of a regulation game. In that time, they were outscored by 58 points. The Thunder actually won the time that Westbrook was on the court, outscoring the Rockets by 15.

The difference for the Rockets was that when James Harden was off the court, they were able to play as well or better.

The Rockets were plus-19 when Harden was on the court in the series. They were plus-24 when he was on the bench.

And speaking of Harden and Westbrook, also of note from Tuesday is that it was Harden who was the primary defender that ended Westbrook's season.

Westbrook was 1-of-7 when defended by Harden in Game 5, including 0-of-4 in the decisive fourth quarter.