Conference Power Rankings: Bowl Season

The SEC maintains its strong grip on the number one spot in our conference rankings. Numbers 2-6, however, saw a lot of movement.

The SEC is the only conference with multiple OOC wins against schools currently ranked in the AP top 25 -- Arkansas over Texas A&M and LSU over West Virginia. It has the best overall OOC winning percentage against FBS competition at .838 as well.

The Big 12 has taken over the No. 2 spot thanks to its incredible balance. Kansas is its only school outside the top 60 (out of 120) in the computer rankings. Not having a school with less than two losses hurts it in the AP poll.

The Big Ten and Pac-10 are remarkably similar this year. Each are fairly average at the bottom, weak in the middle, and tremendous at the top. The reason the Big Ten ranks ahead of the Pac-10 is it has three elite schools compared to the Pac-10’s two. Outside of the five elite schools, the conferences combined have only one school with more than seven wins (USC with eight). The SEC alone has six schools with more than seven wins.

The WAC and MWC will surely be decided by the bowl season, with the most important matchup being Mountain West No. 2 Utah vs. WAC No. 2 Boise State. This game should determine which conference will finish fifth.

The ACC is all but locked into its No. 7 ranking. Boston College could make it interesting by defeating WAC No. 1 Nevada.

The remaining conferences are also almost assuredly set in their current positions. The Big East does not play strong enough competition in the bowl season to be able to move up the leaderboard.

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ESPN Stats & Info Conference Power Rankings -- Entering Bowl Season