Timing is everything for Georgia Tech

Paul Johnson's triple-option offense is very hard to prepare for and one of the biggest reasons he's won 133 games in his 14-year head coaching career.

The radical difference between Johnson's philosophy and those of almost every other FBS coach gives his teams an incredible advantage when it comes to game-planning.

In fact, it's so hard to prepare for that most teams need more than just a week of practice to stand a chance.

Since Johnson took over at Georgia Tech in 2008, the Yellow Jackets are 21-6 when teams have one week of practice or less to prepare.

Compare that to a 5-8 record against FBS opponents that had more than a week to prepare. Making matters worse, Georgia Tech is 0-3 in bowl games under Johnson, having been outscored 80-24 in the three contests.

Throughout his tenure the Yellow Jackets have averaged 3.0 rushing touchdowns per game when facing a team with a week or less of preparation. That number drops more than half of a rushing touchdown (2.3) in games against teams with more time to prepare.

They score significantly fewer points when teams have the extra prep time, averaging 23.0 points per game in such contests, compared to 30.7 in all others.

This season, Georgia Tech has three games (NC State, Virginia, Virginia Tech) in which its opponents will have more than one week to prepare for the Yellow Jackets. With Georgia Tech, Johnson is 3-4 against those three teams.