Possible destinations for Peyton Manning

William Perlman/US Presswire

Now that his career in Indianapolis is over, what's the best landing spot for Peyton Manning?

According to ESPN’s Adam Schefter, five teams are possibly interested in Peyton Manning’s services: New York Jets, Seattle Seahawks, Arizona Cardinals, Washington Redskins and Miami Dolphins.

Among those teams, the Jets had the lowest Total QBR last season at 33.6, which ranked 28th in the NFL. Arizona and Seattle ranked 26th and 27th, respectively.

Using Next Level information, here are reasons why Manning would be an upgrade for each team.

Washington Redskins

Last season, Washington’s quarterbacks threw a league-high 20 interceptions inside the numbers, completing 58.0 percent of such attempts. From 2008-10, Manning completed 71.3 percent of his throws inside the numbers with a +23 touchdown-interception differential.

Facing 4 or Fewer Rushers Since '08

No quarterback has faced a higher percentage of drop backs against four or fewer rushers than Manning since 2008. Despite the high number of attempts (1,399), Manning has taken 90 fewer sacks against such pressure than Washington's quarterbacks over that time.

Further, the Redskins have struggled when spreading the field with three or more wide receivers, throwing one more interception than touchdowns. Manning’s 79.0 Total QBR in such sets is highest in the NFL since 2008 (minimum 200 action plays).

And, from 2008-10, the Indianapolis Colts scored in the red zone nearly 92 percent of the time, the highest percentage in the NFL. The Redskins have the third-worst score percentage in the red zone (81.4) during that span.

New York Jets

Mark Sanchez has struggled when defenses bring four or fewer pass rushers, throwing eight more interceptions than touchdowns (28TD, 36 INT). Manning has thrown 33 more touchdowns than interceptions (70-37) against such pressure since 2008.

Also since 2008, 49 quarterbacks have attempted at least 200 passes outside the field numbers. Sanchez has completed just over half of his attempts on such throws, ranking 45th. Manning completion percentage was just over 61 percent, eighth-best over that time.

Miami Dolphins

Since the start of 2008, Dolphins' quarterbacks have thrown 13 touchdowns (and 21 interceptions) out of the shotgun. Without playing in 2011, Manning has thrown 54 touchdowns from the shotgun since 2008.

Shotgun Passing Since 2008

The Dolphins also have struggled when spreading the field with three or more wide receivers, throwing three more interceptions than touchdowns. Manning’s 79.0 Total QBR in such sets is No. 1 in the NFL since 2008 (minimum 200 action plays).

Miami also hasn’t been strong recently in clutch situations. Since 2009 when the score is within three points, Miami’s quarterbacks have a -5 TD-INT differential, tied for the worst differential in the NFL with the Cleveland Browns and Jets.

Seattle Seahawks

This may be the team with the most need for Manning. According to QB Points Above Average (QB PAA), Seattle has had a negative-128.8 net point contribution from its quarterbacks since 2008. Only the St. Louis Rams and Browns have gotten poorer play during that time. (A QB’s points above average represents the number of points the QB contributed to his team above what an average QB would in the same number of plays.)

Seattle has had four quarterbacks contribute at least 200 action plays since 2008. Of those four, none has a QBR at 50 or better. Manning's Total QBR over that span is best in the NFL (77.2).

Arizona Cardinals

This is the one offense that most resembles the Colts. From 2008-10, Arizona and Indianapolis ranked first and second, respectively, in plays with three or more wide receivers. The Colts ran 2,051 such sets and Arizona rank 1,772.