Hamilton's moonshot among May's top HR

AP Photo/Tony Gutierrez

Rangers OF Josh Hamilton paced the American League with 12 home runs in May.

ESPN's Home Run Tracker analyzes video of each home run hit this season and as far back as 2006. Each month, the tracker will detail the best and worst home runs, as well as some other interesting statistics pertaining to the long ball. Below are the notable home runs for the month of May (games through May 30).

No Doubter (Longest true distance)

March/April Winner: Travis Hafner (481 feet)

May Winner: Justin Maxwell (471 feet)

Maxwell is an extremely unlikely winner. The Astro has just 12 career homers, only four of which went more than 400 feet. But on May 28, Maxwell hit an Alex White slider 471 feet to left at Coors Field.

Wall-Scraper (Shortest true distance)

March/April Winner: B.J. Upton (323 feet)

May Winner: Jed Lowrie (330 feet)

The Astros may be six games out of first place in the NL Central, but they claim the first two awards. Lowrie’s 330-foot home run off J.C. Romero on May 5 was originally ruled a double, but upon further review it indeed snuck over the left-field wall.

Moonshot (Highest apex - maximum vertical height a ball reaches)

March/April Winner: Todd Helton (162 feet)

May Winner: Josh Hamilton (153 feet)

When you hit as many home runs as Hamilton, you’re bound to find yourself winning an award. Hamilton hit a 385-foot home run off Jerome Williams on May 11 that had an apex of 153 feet. It is his highest apex home run since July 30, 2008 - a 407-foot blast off Miguel Batista that had an apex of 155 feet.

Liner (Lowest apex)

Note: There was an adjustment made late from last month which gives Carlos Gonzalez the award for March/April, not Luke Scott/Curtis Granderson.

March/April Winner: Carlos Gonzalez (46 feet)

May Winner: Adam Dunn (47 feet)

Dunn hit a 363-foot home run off Rick Porcello on May 6 that had an apex of 47 feet. It is Dunn’s lowest apex homer since June 13, 2008 - a 400-foot shot off Justin Masterson that had an apex of 45 feet.

Fastball (Fastest speed off bat)

March/April Winner: Travis Hafner (117.2 mph)

May Winner: Giancarlo Stanton (122.4 mph)

Stanton had a superb month of May, hitting 12 home runs. One of those was a 462-foot mammoth shot off the recently demoted Jamie Moyer on May 21 – it had a speed off bat of 122.4 mph. It is the fastest speed off bat since ESPN HR Tracker began tracking home runs in 2006.

Server (Pitcher who allowed the greatest cumulative distance)

March/April Winner: Ervin Santana

May Winner: Mike Minor

Minor and Colby Lewis each gave up 10 home runs in May, but Minor wins the tiebreaker by giving up an average home run distance of 406.2 feet to Lewis’ 383.6 feet. Minor gave up six home runs of 400-plus feet, including a 453-foot blast to Wilin Rosario on May 5.

Masher (Greatest average home run distance, min. five home runs)

March/April Winner: Josh Hamilton

May Winner: Mark Trumbo

Trumbo averaged 424.9 feet per homer in May, best in baseball. For the season, Trumbo has averaged 422.3 feet per homer, has five shots of 430-plus feet and has only hit one less than 400 feet.