Top stats to know: NBA draft lottery

The 2014 NBA draft lottery will be held tonight at Disney/ABC’s Times Square Studio in New York (7 ET on ESPN).

Who’s No. 1?

The Milwaukee Bucks have a 25 percent chance of winning the draft lottery, the best chance among the 13 teams.

Teams To Get No. 1 Pick By Lottery Odds
Since 1994

Since the lottery moved to its present format in 1994, the team with (or tied for) the best odds has won three of the 20 lotteries – Philadelphia 76ers in 1996 (selected Allen Iverson); Cleveland Cavaliers in 2003 (selected LeBron James); and Orlando Magic in 2004 (picked Dwight Howard).

With that said, just who does win the lottery? Teams with the third- and fifth-best odds have won the draft lottery four times each. No team with the 10th- to 14th-best odds has ever won the lottery.

Lakers rare lottery appearance

The Los Angeles Lakers are participating in just their third lottery since it was first introduced in 1985. The team selected Eddie Jones 10th overall in 1994 and Andrew Bynum 10th overall in 2005.

No matter how the lottery shakes out, the Lakers are guaranteed to have a top-nine pick, the franchise's first single-digit pick since it selected James Worthy first overall in 1982. (Perhaps for good luck, Worthy will be representing the Lakers at the lottery this year.)

They have a 21.5 percent chance of jumping into the top three – and if that happens – it would be just the fourth time in the Common Draft era (since 1966) they’ve had a pick among the top three:

In 1975, L.A. selected Dave Meyers second overall after posting a 30-52 record. Just weeks later, in one of the most notable trades in NBA history, Meyers was packaged with Junior Bridgeman, Elmore Smith and Brian Winters for Kareem Abdul-Jabbar and Walt Wesley.

When the Lakers took Magic Johnson No. 1 overall in 1979, that pick was acquired in 1976 from the Jazz as compensation for when New Orleans signed veteran free agent Gail Goodrich.

In 1982, the Lakers were coming off a title when they selected James Worthy first overall after acquiring that pick from the Cavaliers in 1980.

Other team notes

• This is the Boston Celtics' 12th lottery pick all-time, but they have never picked No. 1 overall.

• Despite missing the playoffs, the New York Knicks do not have a first-round draft pick as a result of the 2011 Carmelo Anthony trade (they also do not have a second-round pick). The Knicks have selected only eight players in the past seven drafts.

• The Denver Nuggets will be making their first lottery pick since 2003, when they selected Carmelo Anthony No. 3 overall. The Nuggets have never selected first overall.

• The Sacramento Kings will make a lottery pick for the eighth straight year, the longest active streak.

Stat of the Lottery

The Lakers and Celtics are both guaranteed to have a single-digit pick in the 2014 NBA draft.

It will be the first time since 1966 that both franchises will have a single-digit pick in the same draft. The Lakers selected Jerry Chambers seventh overall while the Celtics took Jim Barnett with the eighth pick that year.