Those who 'miss' among all-time best

There’s pride to be taken in being the NBA’s all-time leader in missed field goal attempts.

Los Angeles Lakers guard Kobe Bryant surpassed John Havlicek for the all-time mark in that statistical category in the Lakers’ loss to the Memphis Grizzlies on Tuesday.

Most missed FG attempts in NBA history

The top four in that stat category are among the most prolific players in NBA history. Havlicek now ranks second, ahead of Elvin Hayes and Karl Malone.

Intuitively, this makes sense, considering that to have a record like this requires longevity and, if you’re going to have longevity in any sport, you’re probably a terrific player in some regard.

A look across other sports shows that the all-time miss leaders also rate among their game’s best.

In the NFL, Brett Favre is the all-time leader in incomplete passes with 3,869.

In the NHL, defenseman Ray Bourque has the most shots that were saved in the league’s “expansion era" with 5,796.

And in baseball, Pete Rose is the all-time leader in outs made with 10,328.

Bryant moved up the NBA’s leaderboard in another category as well.

He passed Michael Jordan for most total field goal attempts in NBA history and now stands third on that all-time list, behind Kareem Abdul-Jabbar and Karl Malone.

Bryant was 10-for-26 in the loss, dropping his field goal percentage this season to 39.3 percent.

It’s early in the season, but through seven games, Bryant is on pace to miss 1,195 shots this season. The last time he missed that many was in 2005-06, when he missed exactly that number.

But he also made 978 baskets that season. This season, he’s on pace to make 773.