Twitterview with Drew Storen

Drew Storen was one of two pitchers selected among the first 10 picks by the Washington Nationals in the 2009 draft. The other was Stephen Strasburg, as the Nationals swooped up a rotation ace and future closer for the next decade. While Strasburg recovers from Tommy John surgery, Storen has been learning how to close games at the major league level. At only 23 years old, Storen has already made 69 appearances for the Nationals and saved 11 games.

Designated Twitter logoAfter scuffling a bit this spring, Storen has regained the promise he showed as a rookie last season; he's 1-1 with a 0.56 ERA and a perfect 6-for-6 in save opportunities. With the Nationals on the road to close out a series at Philadelphia Thursday, Storen joined me for an interview via Twitter. As his fans followed along, we had this conversation. It's the Drew Storen Twitterview, in 140 characters or fewer.

SB -- You're from Brownsburg, IN. What's Brownsburg's most distinguishing characteristic?

DS -- Sadly the only thing I can think of is that its called the drag racing capital of the world, big racing area.

SB -- You were drafted 10th overall by the Nationals in '09, right behind No. 1 overall Stephen Strasburg. What was that like?

DS -- It was surreal, I didn't know for sure when I was getting picked, so it was such a rush when they said my name.

SB -- Your MLB debut was last May 17 at StL. What do you remember about that 1st entrance from bullpen to mound?

DS -- I remember the PA guy said, "And now pitching, making his major league debut, #58 Drew Storen" It seemed like a movie.

SB -- Which movie? Did you feel like Dennis Quaid in "The Rookie?"

DS -- Tough to pick just one, but Id say it was similar to the Rookie, just without the complex plot before it.

SB -- This spring you had an issue with your delivery: leg kick vs. slide step? How did you resolve that?

DS -- I talked with hitters on the team, and looked over video. I found the slide step was better for creating the angle I wanted and I didnt lose any power so I stuck with it.

SB -- What were your impressions of Bryce Harper this spring?

DS -- He's clearly talented and loves the game. He plays the game hard, I look forward to seeing how he develops in the system. You wouldnt think he was 18 years old. He plays above that. Hopefully he'll move quickly and be a big impact for us soon.

SB -- Your teammate Todd Coffey: 6'4, 240, sprints full speed from 'pen. Which wild animal does he most resemble?

DS -- First off, I love being able to see that in person. I would say he resembles an angry bear rampaging to the mound.

SB -- and secondly?

DS -- Woops forgot to put the secondly before the angry bear.

DS -- He's on Twitter. @ToddCoffey60 if you want to follow him. He doesn't have nearly the followers that he should.

SB -- I've followed @ToddCoffey60 for a while now. He's funny but he should tweet more often!

DS -- No doubt, he's a funny guy and a good teammate. Helped me out a lot this year.

SB -- Almost done. You collect bobbleheads? Which is your most prized bobblehead & why?

DS -- Probably the one I made in 7th grade art class out of clay. It was of me in a baseball uniform. I didnt anticipate having one of my own one day.

SB -- HA, that's great! how does the likeness of your 7th grade art project compare to your actual Bobblehead?

DS -- Not exactly a clone, but not bad for 7th grade.

SB -- Ur Twitter profile says u conduct Call of Duty clinics. What's the most popular video game among MLB players?

DS -- Call of Duty is prolly first, Tiger Woods coming in close second. I am more of an NHL guy now.

SB -- No MLB The Show? Any thoughts on your video game likeness or ability ratings?

DS -- I do have it and have played it a few times. I think its hilarious how much it looks like me and how it has me throw harder

SB -- Teddy has never won a Presidents Race at Nats Park. Is this another example of DC political gridlock?

DS -- Ha might be, the race is always a fun part of home games, but I definitely think it's time for Teddy to get a W.

SB -- Are the players prepared to intervene? A reliever COULD sneak out of the bullpen and influence race. Just sayin'

DS -- That's a possibility, another idea we have is to have Todd Coffey race with them.

SB -- HA! But I think Todd probably wins that by 30 lengths. Sort of like Secretariat at the '73 Belmont?

DS -- No doubt about it.

SB -- Last question. You've been sporting a beard lately. Is that the Jayson Werth influence?

DS -- Haha no, my beard is far from as good as his. It's more of a changing things up deal. Who knows how long it'll last.

It was at this point that that JWerthsBeard broke into the Twitterview and tweeted: "keep it forever!!!"

SB -- But given time you could get the full Jeremiah Johnson look that Jayson has, no?

DS -- Highly doubtful unfortunately. And with the summer heat hopefully coming soon, I dont think I want to find out.

SB -- Drew thanks for your time, I appreciate it! Look forward to more Drew Storen save hilites on Baseball Tonight.

DS -- No problem! Had a great time!

SB -- Thanks to Drew and to all those who followed! Look for another Designated Twitter Twitterview in about 2 weeks Thanks!

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