About time Mariners dump Bradley

I'm 99 percent sure Milton Bradley has played his last game in the major leagues. The Mariners designated him for assignment today, meaning they'll release him in 10 days when nobody makes a deal for him.

BradleyBradleyAnd why would they? Bradley is hitting .218/.313/.356. He hit .205 last season, and after a weekend of seeing several balls drop around him for hits, the Mariners had seen enough of Bradley attempting to play left field. Considering he probably brings fewer intangibles to the table than any player in the majors, this was an easy decision.

The Mariners can finally close the door on the disastrous Carlos Silva signing, one of the worst contracts in history. Ex-GM Bill Bavasi signed Silva to the ill-advised $48 million contract before the 2008 season, and Silva delivered five wins, a 6.81 ERA and several extra helpings of postgame meals during his two terrible seasons. The M's dumped him to the Cubs for Bradley in an exchange of most unwanteds, and Bradley merely showed that he could no longer hit.

Thanks to the emergence of Michael Pineda and Justin Smoak, the Mariners haven't been awful so far, sitting at 16-19 and only four games out of first place. But they're desperate for offense, thus the moves with Bradley and fellow outfielder Ryan Langerhans. Seattle's left fielders are hitting a collective .194 with three home runs, their center fielders .172 with three home runs. And I guess it goes without saying that their right fielders don't have a home run.

With Franklin Gutierrez still recovering in the minors from his stomach ailment, they called up outfielders Mike Wilson and Carlos Peguero. Both are power-hitting, high-strikeout, low-average, mediocre defense players who will probably struggle in the majors, but at least they're younger. In a few weeks, the M's will likely call up Dustin Ackley to play second base, jettisoning Jack Wilson or Adam Kennedy.

Wilson and Peguero aren't the long-term solution to left field, but at this point, Mariners fans will take anything over Milton Bradley.

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