Cap week! Which team has iconic cap?

For no other reason than "Why not?" we're having cap week here at the SweetSpot blog. We'll have a different post each day, something cap-related -- including Jim Caple's worst cap of all time. For today, we're asking: Which team should never change their cap? We picked five caps from each league because we only have room to fit five answers in a poll. Disagree and debate in the comments section.

Chicago Cubs

The Cubs ditched the ill-advised red bill road cap after 2008 and now have gone back to their classic all-blue with the block "C" that they've worn since 1958.

Cincinnati Reds

The Reds actually wore blue caps for much of the 1950s and then wore a white cap with pinstripes through much of the '60s. The all-red cap became iconic with the Big Red Machine of the '70s -- which is why the club never should have changed, as it went back to pinstripes, tried a black bill and then the black road cap. The road cap still has a black bill, but the all-red home cap is the classic.

Los Angeles Dodgers

Fifty-three years and counting.

St. Louis Cardinals

The Cardinals switched to a red home cap in 1964 -- and won the World Series -- after wearing blue for many years. They switched to red for both in 1965, but went back to blue on the road for 1992. My question about the Cards: I kind of like the alternate cap with the cardinal on it best of all.

San Francisco Giants

They took the colors with them when they traveled west from New York in 1958. Why ruin a good thing? Other than a few misguided years when they added an orange bill in the late '70s and early '80s, the Giants have stuck with the classic black and orange "SF" design.

So, which National League cap is most iconic? Which team should never change? Place your vote.

And now on to the American League ...

Boston Red Sox

The classic "B" has been around forever, although the Red Sox did toy with red caps for a few years in the '70s and now have the alternate cap with the pair of socks on it.

Chicago White Sox

To go along with their tortured uniform history, the White Sox had some unfortunate caps along the way. But they've struck a classic feel with this cap, which they first unveiled as a road cap in 1990, before switching over to both home and road in 1991.

Detroit Tigers

The old English "D" has made it through good times and bad. Why change now?

Minnesota Twins

The "TC" logo is so much better than the "M" the team used for over a decade. But is the road cap with the red bill actually the better-looking cap?

New York Yankees

The Yankees haven't always worn this cap. I mean, sure, you have to go back to the 1910s. So I guess this one has stood the test of time.

But maybe you feel it's grown a little stale. Maybe the color just isn't right. If it's so iconic, why can you purchase a red Yankees cap at Yankee Stadium? Anyway, place your vote for the AL and we'll see if the Yanks win in a romp.

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