Wright or Reyes? Who would you want?

Interesting question: Would you rather have the rest of David Wright's career or the rest of Jose Reyes' career?

It may be bad timing to ask this question since Wright is currently on the disabled list with a stress fracture in his back while Reyes is in the midst of his best season, hitting .333 with 26-extra-base hits, 19 steals and a .382 on-base percentage.

But let's not forget that Reyes battled his own injury problems in 2009 and 2010. He's getting all the attention with all the trade rumors and his impending free agency while Wright was recently labeled "a good kid but not a superstar" by his owner.

So, you make the call: Which guy would you want?

David Wright, 3B

  • 28 years old.

  • Career line: .302/.382/.512, 175 home runs, 147 steals.

  • Line since 2009: 340 games, .286/.356/.468, 55 steals.

  • Similar batters through age 27: Eric Chavez, Scott Rolen, Duke Snider, Harlond Clift, Chipper Jones.

Jose Reyes, SS

  • 28 years old on June 11.

  • Career line: .288/.338/.437, 75 home runs, 350 steals.

  • Line since 2009: 221 games, .295/.341/.439, 60 steals.

  • Similar batters through age 27: Jimmy Rollins, Garry Templeton, Alan Trammell, Ryne Sandberg, Rafael Furcal.

My vote: With Reyes having a top-five season in baseball right now according FanGraphs, and considering the down state of shortstops in the majors, he seems like the choice. But his early numbers are perhaps slightly fueled by a high BABIP (batting average on balls in play) -- .361 versus his career mark of .311. Plus you have to wonder if this is just a contract drive and whether he'll revert to the inconsistent Reyes of years past in the future.

As for Wright, the back injury helps explain his slow start (.226 average). Betting on him being healthy and continuing as a power-hitting third baseman, I'm going to give him the slightest of edges.