More on a rumored trade

Bob Dutton on a trade that quickly turned into a trade rumor:

    Merely hours after the New York Yankees secured their 27th World Series title, a report claimed the Royals have agreed to send outfielder Mark Teahen to the Chicago White Sox for second baseman Chris Getz and third baseman/outfielder Josh Fields.

    The report first appeared in the New York Daily News and gained steam when the Chicago Sun-Times cited confirmation from the White Sox. It now appears those reports, at best, are premature.


    Teahen and Getz each said they have heard nothing about a trade, while Fields could not be reached for comment. Teahen even tweeted: “No official word. Still sporting Royal blue …”

    That also suggests no deal is close because players are often required to undergo physical examinations before a trade’s completion. That would seem particularly true in this case because Getz is recovering from Oct. 2 surgery to correct a sports hernia that limited his time over the final two months.

    All indications suggest the two clubs discussed a deal, but club officials acknowledge transactions become harder to complete when leaked prematurely to the public.

    Even so, this trade seems to offer something to both sides.

Sure. I just wonder if the "something" is anything worth getting.

Getz has spent the last four seasons at Double-A, Double-A, Triple-A, and in the majors. He was (in order) not good, good, good, and not good. Also, the numbers suggest that he is, like Royals incumbent Alberto Callaspo, not much of a fielder at second base. So trading for Getz might make sense only if trading Callaspo results in an upgrade at another position.

And as Dutton points out, Josh Fields simply doesn't fit anywhere. The Royals already have a young third baseman [Alex Gordon] and a young first baseman [Billy Butler], and Fields doesn't run well enough to play the outfield or hit well enough to be the designated hitter.

I can understand why the Royals would want to shed Teahen's contract; he's arbitration-eligible and figures to earn at least $5 million next season, and the Royals really can't justify spending $5 million on a player like Teahen. I can't understand why they'd want a couple of players like Getz and Fields, except that Fields does seem to have a bit of upside with the bat.

Update: Well, it's done. And the Royals even sent some money to the White Sox to help pay Teahen's salary. So the beat goes on. On and on and on ...