Podcast: What's the point of All-Star Game?

Here are some of the highlights of a scorching hot Baseball Today podcast for Thursday, hosted by myself and Keith Law:

1. ESPN The Magazine's Molly Knight joins us bright and early from the West Coast to discuss Frank McCourt and the Los Angeles Dodgers, but also about how excellent cheese is. Don’t miss it!

2. Adrian Gonzalez was in right field and David Ortiz handled first base. I expected a reaction from Law on this, and I got it.

3. We're both a tad bothered by the term "World Series preview," and you know exactly which series I'm talking about. Why can't Brewers-Yankees be an October preview, too?

4. More on the All-Star voting and specifically which players do and do not deserve to represent their leagues ... but also, what's the point of the All-Star game?

5. Chicago White Sox pitcher Chris Sale has a bright future, but is it as a starter or closer? We take different stances on this issue.

Plus: Excellent emails, why the Mariners aren't worried about Erik Bedard, Charlie Sheen makes an incredible announcement and so much more on Thursday's packed Baseball Today!