Monday Mendozas

Today's links were assembled, painted, and decaled. While wondering if there's even one brave National Television Analyst who will argue that Bill Belichick actually made the right call Sunday night.

  • The CHONE projections have done exceptionally well, these last few years, and the 2010 numbers out. Even better, I think, is Sean's CHONES-related blog, which might be worth a bookmark.

  • I don't know which would make me angrier: Roberto Alomar failing to get elected because the voters don't realize how great he really was ... or because he spit on an umpire.

  • I'm sorry, but I just can't figure out how the Yankees lose if they wait until after next season to get Derek Jeter locked up for the rest of his career. Bob Klapisch says that would be "bad business" ... but how, exactly? Will his price go up? Probably not. Will fewer fans watch the Yankees if they're not absolutely sure their beloved Captain will be back in 2011? Absolutely not.

  • THT's Jeremy Greenhouse brings us a nice little refresher about WAR criminals.

  • Andrew Zimbalist, bringing some facts about the ability (or absence thereof) to simply buy a championship.

  • As Pinto notes, Halos Heaven throws some moderately serious charges at the Angels' front office.

  • Speaking of Pinto, he's just started a pretty cool off-season project: rundowns of every 2009 major league player. For a flavor, here's his take on a rising star pitcher.

  • Speaking of whom, the early signs point to Gordon Beckham winning the American League Rookie of the Year Award. We'll know in a few hours.