Wednesday Wangdoodles

Today's links should be received in the spirit in which they're given (your choice) ...

* Yesterday, I was pretty rough on John Henry, and I took particular issue with his comment (in an e-mail message to a reporter) that his Red Sox are "in the 16th largest media market." That seemed preposterous to me, given what we know about the population of that metropolitan area.

Henry was kind enough to respond via e-mail, and explained that Major League Baseball rates media markets in terms of home television territory households, and somehow the Red Sox are 16th on the list of 30. Henry also acknowledged that yes, the Red Sox do enjoy a "large market," generally speaking. He also expressed a wish that I had spent more time on his central point, which is that the current system used to redistribute the owners' wealth is both unfair and ineffective. Point taken, and I'm grateful for his gracious response to my rather ungracious post.

* FanGraphs is conducting a real test of the wisdom of the crowd, as we're all invited to come up with 2010 projections. I just wish we wouldn't have to wait for two or three years to get a good read on our collective wisdom!

* If I've said it once, I've said it a hundred times: Every good logo must be kid-friendly and a bit edgy. So here's to the Richmond Flying Squirrels -- Mission accomplished!

* Crashburn Alley offers a nice take on the importance -- or lack thereof -- of consistency among a team's starting pitchers.

* Speaking of nice takes, Walkoff Walk's got a lovely primer about the various reputable projection systems floating around.

* As Lynn Henning notes, the Tigers' didn't offer their Gold Glove second baseman arbitration, which means the Tigers have a new starting second baseman.

* The Reds might not be much good next season (again). But as Erik Manning writes, it might be fun to just watch them flash the ol' leather.

* This is hardly a quick hit, but it sure is wonderful news: one of my favorite baseball movies, "The Life and Times of Hank Greenberg," is available on Hulu.