Podcast: Lackey, Arizona's ace, Kerry Wood

Ah, the sweet sounds of the cat noises returned for Tuesday’s Baseball Today podcast, as Keith Law and me tried to put the races and your emails into context. Among the topics were:

1.Why is John Lackey still starting games for the Red Sox? Is it the money? Or is there nobody else? The Red Sox overcame this in the second game of Monday’s doubleheader, and now the onus is on the Rays.

2. Meanwhile, Craig Kimbrel is human! The Cardinals top Philly again -- as Tony La Russa does some of his best work -- and the NL wild-card race is alive. The Braves and Red Sox, partners in rotation woes.

3. Kudos to Mo Rivera. We discuss how the best reliever ever is aging, as well as bigger picture relief stuff reminiscing about the old days.

4. If this is it for Kerry Wood, some of the memories will certainly be positive ones.

5. Did Dice-K ruin it for future Japanese pitchers coming to the U.S.? I admit I was surprised where this conversation went.

Plus: Excellent emails, poor Brian Matusz, the awesome Ian Kennedy, being a Rays minor leaguer and much more on a packed, but fun, Tuesday edition of Baseball Today! Download now and get those questions in for Wednesday at baseballtoday@espnradio.com!