Winners and losers in megadeal

According to Buster Olney, the three-team megadeal is almost done. According to Dave Cameron, there's one big loser in the megadeal and one big winner:

    Arizona, though ... what a mess. Jackson and Kennedy will shore up their rotation, but they aren’t worth a kid as good as Max Scherzer. Jackson’s a mid-rotation starter whose salaries are escalating in arbitration, while Kennedy is a back-end starter who missed most of 2009. They didn’t get better, they didn’t save money, and they didn’t get younger. This move is just not a good one for the D’Backs, unless there’s another impressive piece going to Arizona that hasn’t been reported.

    A+ for the Yankees, who continue to show that they know what they’re doing. Not a bad deal for Detroit, who needed to save some cash. But man, I’m sorry for D’Backs fans, who just saw their team screw up.

All my friends seem to have this one the same: Great for Yanks, good for Tigers, terrible for Diamondbacks. My friends are usually right. I do wonder if we're not short-changing the Tigers just a little bit. Scherzer seems like the big prize, because he's cheap and might strike out 200 hitters next year (Verlander/Scherzer is downright scary). But am I missing something, re: Austin Jackson? A year ago, he was the Yankees' No. 1 prospect. He's fast, he's a good outfielder, and he's done well in the high minors while being among the younger players in his leagues. The consensus seems to be that Jackson won't become a superstar, and maybe he won't. But I think that the combination of Scherzer and Jackson might wind up making this deal look pretty great for the Tigers, too.

About the Diamondbacks ... Well, maybe with more time to think about this, it'll look better for them than it does right now.