Red Sox spend less, win more

Sometimes the math is so obvious, it's almost blinding. Case in point:

    Say goodbye to Jason Bay and hello to Mike Cameron.



    Now sit down, because guess who has contacted Bay? Yes, the Yankees.

    The Red Sox last night agreed to terms with Cameron on a two-year deal, according to a source with knowledge of the negotiations. Multiple reports pegged the deal at roughly $15.5 million.

    The acquisition of the 36-year-old former Gold Glover likely means the end of Bay’s short tenure in Boston, though a baseball source last night said the Sox have yet to inform him he’s no longer in their plans.


    Wherever Bay ends up, it’s almost certainly not going to be Boston. His replacement, Cameron, has said he’s willing to shift from center to left despite playing only three games there in his career. Adding him to Jacoby Ellsbury in center and J.D. Drew in right would give the Red Sox outstanding outfield defense.

    Cameron hit 24 homers in ’09 for the Brewers. The lifetime .250 hitter is nowhere near as productive as Bay, though he’s nowhere near as expensive.

He certainly isn't as expensive. As for productive ... Well, that depends on how you define "productive."

Over the last two seasons, Cameron produced 8.4 wins above replacement.

Over those same two seasons, Bay produced 6.4 wins above replacement.

The Red Sox are going to pay Cameron roughly half of what someone's going to pay Jason Bay.

We try to make these things so complicated. But they're not, really. The Red Sox have figured out how to simplify everything. And I just can't wait to read all the columns in the Boston newspapers questioning Theo Epstein's intelligence and ownership's commitment to winning ...