Mets can't give their money away

Ah, there's nothing more heartening than free agents who get offered more money than they deserve, and spend a few weeks dithering anyway. Case in point, from the New York Post:

    Radio silence from Jason Bay and Bengie Molina continued for the Mets over the weekend, leading some within the club to wonder if either player is truly interested in coming to Queens.

    The Mets remained at a negotiating standstill with Bay and Molina after offering both free agents contracts on the final day of the Winter Meetings almost two weeks ago.

    Mets GM Omar Minaya has indicated a willingness to wait on both players, telling The Post late last week, "It is a long offseason."

    But a team source said yesterday that Minaya might soon consider other options in left field and at catcher if Bay and Molina continue to leave the Mets dangling despite appearing to have no serious offers anywhere close to what Minaya has tendered.

    The holdup in both cases continues to be an extra year -- the 31-year-old Bay wants a fifth year added to the Mets' four-year, roughly $65 million offer, while the 35-year-old Molina wants a guaranteed third year tacked on to Minaya's two-year, roughly $12 million proposal.

Here's a clue that you might have offered a free agent too much money ... He doesn't have any serious offers close to what you offered. It's probably considered poor form to summarily rescind an offer. Not to mention poor public relations. But the best thing Omar Minaya could do now is tell Bay's and Molina's agents that they've got until sundown to make a decision. Because the best outcome is that they decline. The second-best outcome is that they accept now, so Minaya can get on with things. And everything else falls under the heading of "worst outcomes."