Jason Bay will soon be a Met

And the supply of power-hitting left fielders just got a bit smaller ...

    Jason Bay has decided to join the Mets, according to a report on WFAN, pending the results of a physical exam.

    WFAN's Mike Francesca just reported that the Mets will have an announcement early next week that they've agreed to a contract with Bay, one of the top free agent hitters on the market. The deal will become official if Bay passes the physical, Francesa said.

    The Mets have a four-year offer out to Bay worth about $65 million.

Three things:

1. By all accounts, the Red Sox offered Bay four years and $60 million last summer, and probably were willing to give him that much at some point this fall.

2. According to Peter Gammons, the Mets' offer -- or their initial offer, at least -- is "so backloaded ... that it’s far less than what the Red Sox were offering in present-day value."

3. By most accounts, Bay strongly preferred the Red Sox over the Mets.

So (you ask) how could he possibly have wound up with the Mets instead of the Red Sox?

We can probably figure Bay's pride was a factor, along with his agent misreading the market for slow power hitters who can't really play the outfield. But Bay did eventually get his money (or most of it, anyway), and the Mets do have their slow power hitter who can't really play the outfield.

All's well that ends well.