Cashman's made Yankees younger, better

Yet another testament to Brian Cashman, courtesy of NoMaas:

    NoMaas was founded in May 2005 to protest the tremendous dysfunction that existed in the Yankees' organization. When Brian Cashman's contract expired at the end of the 2005 season, we strongly campaigned for him to return because he was one of the only sane voices in the Bronx/Tampa soap opera.

    Check out some of the statements he made during the 2005 season:

    * "We have to get back to doing what made the Yankees so good for such a long period beginning in the '90s," said Cashman. "We're in the position we're in because we stopped developing our own young players."

    * "... storm clouds are on the horizon if we keep just staying old," Cashman said. "You've got to reinvent yourself with youth and mix them in with the veterans, instead of going all veterans."

    * "I'm not looking to trade these guys [Robinson Cano & Chien-Ming Wang], because we do have to be younger, and trading them for some quick fix is contrary to the long-term goal that's necessary here," Cashman said. "But we take every decision at that moment in time and weigh it. I'm not interested in moving these guys, but at the same time, they don't have any no-trades, and I don't make all the decisions."

    Amazing to read those again, isn't it? Look at the emphasis he placed on youth. And look at the results since he re-signed and was given "full authority."

    Average age of Yankee pitchers

    2005: 34.2

    2006: 32.5

    2007: 31.4

    2008: 30.6

    2009: 29.3 (which happens to be the average age of pitchers on the '96 team)

    Average age of Yankee hitters

    2005: 32.2

    2006: 30.8

    2007: 30.6

    2008: 31.3

    2009: 30.5

    This is a great trend.

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Well, I'm not going to add much value to this -- res ipsa loquitur. So I'll just have to hope the NoMaas guys don't get mad and campaign for my ouster.